Google Real-Time Analytics Versus Chartbeat (Test and review)

Google Analytics

Google’s Real-Time Analytics is here. We've just got an email for Beta tester on the new interface of Google Analytics.

Realtime Google analytics As a Chartbeat experienced users, we wanted to check it, and compare the 2 solutions.

Chartbeat, a real-time analytics service founded in 2009, charges companies monthly rates starting at $9.95 and a $99 plan for tracking up to 10,000 Active visitors. (and yes, we need to upgrade it again ;-) )

Realtime ChartBeat analytics
First impression, we loved it, Google as always is a Killer. It's well embeded into analytics with the new User interface.

But when we compare the stats to Chartbeat, we have lost around 2000 Active users?! So there is 2 solutions:
1/ Chartbeat increase the number of active visitors to get paied more ;-)
2/ Google didn't track well the Active users

Anyway as we like big numbers, so we will continue with chartbeat until Google will release his Real time tracking from Beta.

Integrated on Google Analytics
Google Analytics Real-Time is free.

Less accurate than Chartbeat
Replay mode as Charbeat. You can replay the audience tracking during 30 days.
Site Performance as Chartbeat. Charbeat give you stats on Site

Conclusion: We will stay with both for few months..


Update: Tony and Ben from Chartbeat have contacted us to explain why the numbers are so differents:


This is probably because Google thinks your visitor isn't there any more, even if they still are. If you have engaging content, people are likely to stick around and we'll track them as long as they are there. With Google they will vanish after around 5 minutes. If 100 people visit a page and watch a video, they'll vanish from Google's report after 5 minutes; chartbeat will tell you that there are still 100 people there. "


So as we said the Chartbeat statistics are more accurate!!