Paypal Israel: you can now withdraw to Israeli bank account

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Paypal Israel logo It's happen, the young Paypal Israel team make a revolution Thursday. After 10 years that we was waiting this kind of service from Paypal, we can now withdraw our Paypal account to our local Israeli bank account!!

After a call to a Paypal Israel team member for a client, he told us that they open the Israeli bank withdrawal.
Since the two last years with the boom of E-commerce demand, it was hard to explain our client that it was no possible to make their e-shop website with paypal. So we tried other Payment service (like tranzilla). But now, it's over, and you can use the direct API given by Paypal.
Just you have to know that you can't make the change with your existing foreign account, so you must open a new Israeli PayPal account (with Israel for country) in order to link an Israeli bank account.
So let's start your new e-business overseas, and accept foreign Credit Cards on your ecommerce Website.

You can find the full fee table for PayPal global in detail here:
Enjoy ;-)