Hebrew domain name IDN A client ask us to buy a Domain name in foreign languages it's mean not in Latin letter.

He heard that it's good for Google and SEO technics so he wanted to make it the primary domain of his website.
So we checked on the net and we have explain him why International Domain Names (IDN) wasn't a good idea.

First of all, you have to consider two kinds of "Foreign Letter" Domain name.
1/ For example, some companies sell Full hebrew domain names, (משל.קום)
You have to know that this kind is not accredited by the ICANN , so we will not speak more on it, it's just a stupid stuff.

2/ The other kind of Domain name, is the official IDN accredited by the INCANN. For example in Hebrew IDN you have the famous איקאה.com (IKEA in hebrew).
Now, here the list of the bad point of this IDN.